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my little one (songs of parenthood) EP is out now

Happy Holidays, friends and loved ones! I'm very excited to share this collection of music with you- called "my little one (songs of parenthood)" These songs came to me during the journey into parenthood, and my hope is that they capture some of the profoundly beautiful and unique feelings of that special time. It is definitely the most vulnerable music I've released; I have written songs in this style for some time now but never shared them with the world, so I'm excited to open up in this new way. I hope that this music acts as a little capsule of love that we can come back to whenever we need a dose of that amazing baby energy! . It is dedicated to my son Milo, and my wife Sarah, who made everything possible. Listen/buy here: ...Consider sending the album as a holiday gift to someone, perhaps someone who has just had a baby! The website makes it easy to do that. sending much love and gratitude to you all, you are in my heart <3 -Nathan


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