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This Friday: Nathan's trio live in Los Angeles

I'm super excited to be returning to Bar Angeles this Friday, 3/16.

4330 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029

It's great spot to come check out some music on a Friday night...the vibe is nice and casual but not divey (New Orleans feel), and there are plenty of tables for you to chill at and hear some uplifting music that won't get in the way of your meaningful conversation with an old or new friend. They also have realllly good (and decently priced!) food and drinks! We will be playing some originals, some stevie, some bad plus, some beach boys. jazz, fusion, soul, odd-meters. come and get it! Playing from 8:30-11:30 with breaks. This night we will be featuring: Sarah Mori: drums Antonio Rodrigo: bass Nathan KW: keys and maybe flute or sax? special guest appearance by Brendan Kersey-Wilson?? -No cover! -easy to find parking -other positive attribute

Find the facebook event here:

Hope to see you there!!! Love, Nathan

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